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Drea Lou- Cuttin' it up Show

As a kid I always had something to say. I was and still is considered to be “the talker” of my family. Heck, my biggest challenge was to simply be quiet!! In all honesty, I just felt that people needed to hear what I had to say! Besides loving to talk, I found at a very young age (while watching Oprah) I wanted to light fires under people butts! :) I wanted to not only give advice but entertain as well. Assist people with finding their true worth, securities in knowing one’s worth but most of all enjoying themselves while doing so; ENJOY LIFE!! It wasn’t until May of 2018 I came up with the idea of creating my very own podcast. I was back and forth about letting folks see the “real me” but I told myself scratch that! I gave myself the date 1/11 of 2019 as the start date because I was seeing those numbers 1/11 EVERYWHERE so boom! Cuttin’ It Up Show Podcast is an urban podcast where we discuss everything from music, news, trends and good ole gossip. The spin off “Ladies Nite” was created because first and foremost who doesn’t love getting with their girlfriends with drinks, snacks and good conversation?! But the main focus is to bring inspiration to women everywhere. To let them know they’re not the only one who has felt, seen and heard that... And with laughter and drunkenness we will come together in womanhood and inspire each other to be the Queens we truly are.

Kelsie-Hot Jewelz 314

Hello, My name is Kelsie Lofton and I am a jewelry maker who resides in St.Louis Mo. I started out making jewelry as a hobby but fell in love. The relaxing and stress relieving feel it gives me is everything! I make all kinds of jewelry ranging from kids to women and even men. In 5 yrs I am hoping to branch off to maybe owning my own jewelry store or maybe even making designs for big companies. At this point I'm open minded but I just know I do want to continue making it in the future. If you would like to check my work out you can go to my IG/FB- "Hotjewelz314" or my 10/10 etsy-"hotjewelz314bykelsie"

Ana-Alicia IconicGod

YaYa-Forex Trading

I've been studying forex since June 2018. October 2018 I quit my fulltime job to trade and educate people on the power of forex. Whether you're looking for financial freedom or time freedom, forex is the way. I offer forex/crypto education as well as tools to help you trade while you learn. You will become an investor! Over the next few years I plan to help as many people possible follow their dreams. Personally, I will be using my profits to fund my up and coming catering company, Mobile Muncheez.

Lauren and Onisha-She Planning

Onisha-Being a mom comes with a lot of task and I have always been crafty but when decorating my home or watching HGTV I began thinking of other ideas so as I collected wine bottles winding down during the evenings I got ideas for color schemes for my kitchen then before I know I'm painting wine bottles for kitchen decor and I'm drawing fabric designs for comforters and ideas for all types of decor from headboards to my newest projects which I REUSE it's so refreshing for me and it's not a job when you are doing what you LOVE. Stayed posted 


Lauren- I began Began Imagin8tionStation in 2010. I just gave birth to my daughter and was always making things for her being over the top of course. I always knew I could make a business out of my craft. I have been creative since birth basically lol. I started off doing things for fun and turned my passion into a business. I decided to finally bring my talent to social media to expand my audience in 2018. In 5 years I see myself living in another state networking and growing my business there and shipping world wide. I plan to launch a line for my daughter inspiring people to embrace their amazing qualities this year as well. Look out for Most Beautiful the brand. ShePlanning is an event planning company I share with my Best Friend We met in 9th grade with most classes we did projects improvising resourcing to make last min projects work to excelling as if things weren't going LEFT! So we grew together through her first child then came bday parties and my first child. We started to go hours at a time crafting and creating bday parties for the children then gender reveals for family and friends baby showers then it was like ok we can do this I mean WE love to CREATE so when it's putting a smile on our babies faces was payment enough the amazement of the themes they see and talk to us about and it's everywhere it's fun there's alot of thought into because it's exciting and it shows because we keep innovating to new ideas and we will continue to bring EXCITING ENGAGEMENTS FOR YEARS OF MEMORIES TO COME Follow. Shop. Share. Support Facebook:@Imagin8tionStation Instagram: Imagin8tionStation Etsy: Facebook:@Sheplanning Snapchat: ShePlanning Instagram: She_Planning_